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I spent the summers of my youth in inflatable wading pools, cooling off from the dry prairie heat.  Later, I lived in the subarctic, where it was so cold I could make snow by throwing water out the front door.  I currently live in the middle of a forest on the side of a mountain in rural Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  It rainsóa lotóbut so far I havenít developed webbed feet!  Pacific tree frogs serenade from my pond each spring, raccoons steal my walnuts, and on a clear night I swear I can see a gazillion stars from my porch.
Iíve always enjoyed playing with words, but I was well into adulthood before discovering my passion for science.  I studied business at university and completed a Commerce Degree (University of British Columbia) before I realized I was far more interested in why something is the way it is than managing the profits from it.  Science rocks!  Off I went for a dose of university science.  I was---pardon the pun---in my element.  

My goal is to inspire kids to ask questions about their world, to have them make connections and create their own Eureka! moments by Ďchecking stuff outí.  My writing is peppered with hands-on activities and simulations to make complicated concepts kid-friendly and easily understood.  

I have fun with whatever I'm working on.


Amazing science is all around us.  Every day, I share the small part that appears in my magnifying glass. 



Bubble Homes and Fish Farts 

          - A Junior Library Guild Selection

          - 2010-2011 Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading Book Award - 

                            Keystone State Reading Association

          - 2010 Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Award (Honor Book) - BC Book Prizes

          - 2010 Animal Behavior Society Outstanding Children's Book Award (Honor Book)

          - 2010-2011 Great Lakes Great Books Award (Grades 2-3, nominee) - 
                             Michigan Reading Association.
          - 2011 Chocolate Lily Award (picture book, nominee)
          - 2012 Grand Canyon Readers Award (Nominee)

Martha Weston Award -
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) - June 2004

Smartwriters.com Write It Now! Children's Writing Competition
- 3rd Place Nonfiction Category - April 2004

British Columbia Festival of the Arts -
Literary Arts Section (Children's Writing) - Selected by jury - May 2002

Articles & Interviews About Fiona
Insider Report: Fiona Bayrock - Earthquakes are like Rice Krispies: writing science for kids by Lauren Mosko  2004 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market (Alice Pope, ed., Writer's Digest Books pp.266-269)

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Funky Nonfiction With Fiona Bayrock - Institute of Children's Literature - March 2009

The Non-writing Me

I live with my car-nut husband in a busy house full of teenagers ...lots of laughter and laundry.  When I'm not writing or spending time with family, I like to read (a lot) or get involved in the local community theatre scene.  I've ushered, done box office, stage managed, been props mistress, and, from time to time, stepped onto stage.
Dogsledding in Alaska 
(that's me in blue and one of my editors in red!))
Here I am (centre) as the Russian Grand Duchess, where I got to use a really cool accent. Da!...I knew that university Russian would come in handy one day.

I try to get out into the field as often  as I can to see science in action and try things for myself.  These are some photos of a hummingbird banding I helped with. Why are fewer hummingbirds returning from their migration?  Scientists hope these bands will help them to find out.
I attend and speak at 
writer's conferences. 
Children's writers are a
fun bunch!  Here, Kelly Milner Halls (right) and I dance "The Swim"


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