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From bugs to bridges, chemistry to cane toads, spacecraft to suckers, and acoustics to auroras...Fiona enjoys untangling complicated ideas and explaining them in simple terms anyone can understand.
She has published oodles of articles in magazines such as Highlights for Children, YES Mag , Odyssey, and  WILD.  Her work also appears in EBSCO, SIRS/ProQuest and Encyclopedia Britannica educational databases, as well as literacy and science resources for educational publishers.


Articles for Children

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Insect Lunch
Highlights for Children March 2012 - Poem

Get in Gear KNOW Nov/Dec 2011 - Scuba diving gear

Know You Column: Saliva KNOW Sept/Oct 2011

An Element Alphabet KNOW May/June 2011 

Know It Column: Running Shoes KNOW Jan/Feb 2011 - Science you walk on!

A World of Shape and Pattern (9-page theme section: Get in Shape!, Shapes on the Job, Patterns Around You, Fibonacci Fun, Patterns in Many Places) - KNOW Sept/Oct 2010

Know It Column: Chess KNOW July/August 2010 - A look at the science and history of chess.
Slimy Mucus, Sticky Goo!
KNOW March/April 2010 - Sticky animals

Where After Comes Before: A Mystery Poem Highlights for Children Jan 2010 - Wordplay!
What is the World's Largest Predatory Shark?
KNOW Nov/Dec 2009 - Carcharodon megalodon

The Cenozoic Era - Prehistoric Life KNOW Nov/Dec 2009 - Newish prehistoric life

The Mesozoic Era - Prehistoric Life KNOW Nov/Dec 2009 - Old prehistoric life

The Paleozoic Era - Prehistoric Life KNOW Nov/Dec 2009 - Really old prehistoric life
Know You Column: Your Teeth
KNOW Sept/Oct 2009 - All about your chompers

Fungus with a Fastball KNOW May/June 2009 - Fastest flingers in the animal world

Know You Column: Scabs KNOW May/June 2009 - How scabs are made

Pinpointing New Planets KNOW May/June 2009 - Photographing light planets against light sun

Meowf? KNOW March/April 2009 - Dogs and cats speaking the same language

Riding to a World Record KNOW March/April 2009 - World human-powered speed challenge

Gold! KNOW Sept/Oct 2008 - Gold characteristics and uses

Found! New Dinosaur KNOW May/June 2008 - New dino species discovery
Beach Banquet
KNOW May/June 2008 - Seafood-eating wolves
Slip Slidin' Through Winter
KNOW Nov/Dec 2007 - Toboggan physics
A Nut for a Jar of Tuna Hopscotch for Girls Jun/Jul 2006 - Palindromes

o Hi-Tech Hide-and Seek KNOW Jan/Feb 2006 - Geocaching

Wakama-who? KNOW Jan/Feb 2006 - Robot for around the house

No Hockey Penalties for the Banff Elk YES Mag May/June 2005 - Training elk away from people

How Lobsters Make 'Music' Highlights for Children May 2005 - Scientific discovery

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! YES Mag Nov/Dec 2004 - Blind = Better Hearing?

Beckham Bends It Canadian-style YES Mag Sept/Oct 2004 - Soccer boot science

Kiwi Henge YES Mag Sept/Oct 2004 - New Zealand stonehenge

Beyond Four Legs and a Tail  YES Mag July/Aug 2004 - Olympic Horse Athletes

Armed and Dangerous: Bumpy Jellies YES Mag May/June 2004 - New jellyfish species & subfamily

Wall of Water YES Mag May/June 2004 - Tsunamis

Hog Wild WILD Magazine May 2004 - Wild pigs

Mars in a Dish (reprint) Boys' Quest April/May 2004 - Chemistry activity: recreating Mars surface

Grizzly Bear, Grizzly Bear, What Do You See? YES Mag March/April 2004 - Bears with cameras

Daisy Duck Quacks the Case YES Mag Jan/Feb 2004 - Does a duck quack echo?

The Perfect Predator YES Mag Jan/Feb 2004 - Cougar predation

Forensic Teamwork Odyssey January 2004 - Forensic Science Specialists

All That Jet Engine Jazz YES Mag Nov/Dec 2003 - How a jet engine works

A-maze-ing Mice YES Mag Sept/Oct 2003 - Mice signposts

Beetle Battle YES Mag July/August 2003 - Heroic beetles

The R-eel Deal WILD Magazine June/July 2003 - Eels

Beagle 2 Mars Odyssey May 2003 - Mars lander

Beyond Hope? Odyssey May 2003 - Nozomi space probe to Mars

Sense-sational Survival Machines YES Mag May/June 2003 - Shark anatomy

Wiggly Wormy Wonders WILD Magazine May 2003 - Worms

Auroras: To See or Not to See...That is the Question Odyssey April 2003 - Northern Lights

Catching Some Rays Odyssey April 2003 - Simulating a curtain aurora

Rockin' Geology  YES Mag March/April 2003 - World's oldest rocks

o Flashing Reds Odyssey Mar 2003, Houghton Mifflin Education Place (online 2006) 

                        - Anthocyanins (red leaf pigments)

It's Not Easy Being Green Odyssey March 2003 - Leaf chromatography

Super Suckers! WILD Magazine March/April 2003 - Animals with suckers

To Boldly Go... YES Mag Jan/Feb 2003 - Pioneer 10 space probe

o Ancient Beach Buddies YES Mag Nov/Dec 2002 - Oldest animal fossil tracks

Wonderful Welwitschia YES Mag Nov/Dec 2002 - Weird African plant

The Great Debate YES Mag July/Aug 2002 - Humans from Neandertals?

o Toad-ally Out of Control Odyssey May 2002 - Alien species: cane toad, bullfrog

Bottoms Up YES Mag May/June 2002 - Fog-drinking beetles

Bat's All, Folks! YES Mag May/June 2002 - Bat anatomy

Symphonic Spiny Lobsters YES Mag March/April 2002 - Violin-like lobster noise

o Money Bridges YES Mag March/April 2002 - Engineering activity: shape & strength

o Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read All About It! Odyssey March 2002 - How the ear works

Timbre Doesn't Rhyme with Timber Odyssey March 2002 - Musical timbre

o Bouncing Off the Walls Odyssey March 2002 - Kids' bedroom acoustics

Where the Penguins Aren't Kid's Corner News (Cyprus) January 2002 - Fiction: arctic snow play

Mars in a Dish YES Mag Jan/Feb 2002 - Chemistry activity: recreating Mars surface

Coming or Going? YES Mag Nov/Dec 2001 - Number palindromes and how to get them


Articles & Poetry forthcoming in: 
KNOW, Highlights for Children, Highlights High Five, REAL: The Canadian Kids' Magazine

Articles on Writing for Children
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Two Authors on the Duet of Co-Authorship 2011 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market
Writing Series: Three Authors Tell All 
2010 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

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From Theme to Article: Advice From a Theme Junkie - October 2005
The Great Paper Clip Conspiracy The Arctic Draft - Spring 2004 (Pseudonym)
o Eleven Tips for Writing Successful Nonfiction for Kids - July 2004
o Avoiding the "Huh?"...The Art of Relevant References - August 2004 
Nonfiction Magazine Article Research The Arctic Draft - Fall 2004
Insider's Report: Mireille Messier - Always Be On the Lookout For Ideas
2006 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market 





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