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Some of my books are written "on assignment" for school and educational publishers and specialty markets, which means they're sold directly to schools and libraries or through subscription and not readily available in book stores.  


Scholastic Canada
 Only available to Schools as part of Literacy Place for the Early Years
ISBN 978-0-7791-6423-3   
Grade 2  2007
HOP! SPRING! LEAP! Animals that Jump 
ISBN 0-7791-5297-2   
Grade 1  2005
ISBN 978-0-7791-6611-4 (small) 
ISBN 978-0-7791-6610-7 (oversized)   
Grade 3   2007
WHAT AM I? Illustrated by Réjean Roy
ISBN 0-7791-5465-7
ISBN 0-7791-5464-9
Kindergarten   2005
ISBN: 0-7791-5459-2  
Grade 1  2005
Capstone Press
        Physical Science Q&A Series
STATES OF MATTER: A Question & Answer Book
ISBN 0-7368-5448-7   Grades 2-5   2006

SOUND: A Question & Answer Book
ISBN 0-7368-5449-5   Grades 2-5   2006
  • Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association
    "Sound is one of a series of amazing question-and-answer books 
    designed for young readers in grades 2-5...an excellent resource 
    for students and teachers."
  • "An amazing amount of facts about matter are available in this 
    well-written physical science book…explanations are comprehensive and understandable…readers may find the interest level to be high enough that they will gladly read the entire text.
    (States of Matter)
                         --Children's Literature Comprehensive 
                                       Database, January 2006  
Physical Science Q&A Series
         Six books written under a pseudonym.  Grade 2   2007
  • "In language students can read and understand independently… 
    these books are good introductions to the topics with many 
    examples from the real world. They make physics fun."  

                           -- School Library Journal  5/1/2007  
 Scholastic (U.S.)
ISBN 0-439-71184-3   
Grades 4-6  2005
This is the first book in the Undersea University Series...a lively romp through ocean basics to set the stage for upcoming books.  The editors instructed Fiona to play with words, sprinkle humour liberally, and have fun with this project---and did she ever!  The Scholastic folks did a terrific job designing these books. Lots of cool stuff!  

Available only via subscription from Scholastic:


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