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I'm often asked for advice about writing and selling nonfiction for kids, so over 
the years I've written and collected information about related topics.

Avoiding the "Huh?"...the Art of Relevant References  
by Fiona Bayrock The "Huh?"---you know, that tilted head, raised lip and eyebrow thing kids do with their faces when they haven't got a clue what you're talking about.  
Reprinted from, August 2004.

Eleven Tips for Writing Successful Nonfiction for Kids  
by Fiona Bayrock
Reprinted from Smart Writers Journal, July 2004.

Q & A: What is the best way to see if a certain topic has been covered by a magazine?  by Fiona Bayrock

Getting From Theme to Article Idea: Advice From a Theme Junkie  
by Fiona Bayrock    A theme does not a query make. does one take a theme and turn it into a saleable article idea? 
Reprinted from, October 2005.

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"Funky Nonfiction" Q&A with Fiona 
Institute of Children's Literature (February 2009)
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