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Bubble Homes and Fish Farts

Kirkus Reviews
"Bayrock's love of "way cool science" bubbles over in this surprisingly substantial book. … Lively expository prose deftly combines straightforward facts (the scientific name of each animal), sound effects (the "fwap-fwap-fwap-fwap" of tree frogs creating foam) and kid-friendly comparisons (the gourami fish spitting eggs into its nest looks like it's playing basketball). Conahan's whimsical watercolor illustrations, complete with conversational bubbles, add humor and interest. Three pages of additional facts and a combined glossary/index round out a volume that's sure to rise to the top."    
School Library Journal
Gr 2–4—Fast Repetitive Tick (FaRT) is the term scientists use to describe the flatulencelike noise that herring make as they communicate their locations to one another other. That might be the most amusing description of the uses of bubbles in the natural world, but this entire book is enjoyable and engaging. From the protective hiding places young juniper spittlebugs create to the foamy nest that the African gray treefrog whips up around her freshly laid eggs in the branches above a pool, bubbles are described and pictured. The illustrations are pale and less-detailed versions of scientifically accurate drawings overlaid with entertaining comments, e.g., parent frogs admonish, "Careful, kids!" and "Don't talk to any predators!" The comments may be corny, but they infuse the information with fun. The single-page glossary defines terms simply and effectively, e.g., flatulence is described as "The scientific name for farting." Two spreads of "More amazing facts…" offer additional information about each species' habitat, location, and physical attributes. Creative, accessible, and fact-filled.—Frances E. Millhouser, formerly at Chantilly Regional Library, Fairfax County, VA

Junior Library Guild 

"Fiona Bayrock and Carolyn Conahan share their enthusiasm for investigating nature in this appealing and informative compendium. The humorous title sets the lighthearted tone... sixteen spreads highlight different creatures and their remarkable bubble-related activities... Full-bleed paintings in marine hues depict the critters in their mostly watery environments. Headline-style phrases, such as "Bubbles are for playing." serve as teasers and encourage kids to keep reading.  Bayrock's writing is dynamic, with onomatopoeic language and kid-friendly comparisons to engage and inform."                    
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Literature
"If most children think bubbles are for blowing or bubbles are for bathing, Bayrock is here with a paradigm shift... For the star-nosed mole, for instance, "bubbles are for finding food," as he blows bubbles through his nose, breathes them back in, and follows the scent to his next meal. For the violet sea snail, on the other hand, "bubbles are for sailing," and its raft of bubbles floats it along the ocean surface to "feast on food that most shelled ocean animals can't reach." ... The appeal of the topic is instantly obvious even without the irresistible lure of fish farts, and this will definitely give kids a different slant on water use. ... An appendix of brief entries for each animal expand the text with habitat, size, geographic location, and an "amazing fact"---the requisite information for novice report writers---and a glossary with page references is also included."
The Miss Rumphius Effect 
The blog of a teacher educator 
" all-out fun-fest of animal bubbleology. How do animals use bubbles? After reading this title, a better question is how don't they?! ... Accompanied by a soft palette of gorgeous watercolor illustrations, Bayrock takes readers on a journey into worlds not often explored. Each double-page spread begins with a short sentence that describes the way in which bubbles are used. Beneath that are the common and scientific names for an animal, followed by a paragraph that describes how that particular creature uses bubbles in its daily life. The illustrations are whimsical, with each animal spouting its thoughts in, you guessed it, a bubble. ... This is a well-researched, thoroughly engaging book for studying animals and the way they adapt to their environment. I highly recommend it. "

Kelly Milner Halls, 
Award-winning Nonfiction Author

"…once in a while, an inventive author like Fiona Bayrock joins forces with an illustrator like Carolyn Conahan, through the careful stewardship of a publisher like Charlesbridge and POOF!  Magic happens. BUBBLE HOMES AND FISH FARTS is the proof… a remarkably entertaining examination of animal nonfiction linked by a thread as thin as air -- bubbles. …timeless appeal, for both kids and the grown ups who love them. Don't miss your chance to witness the wonder -- or to share it with a little friend.  Every page will make both of you smile."

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